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Originally Posted by Xenakis View Post
Sorry, I'm not insulting your wardrobe and I haven't seen all of her outfits but that pink dress she wore at the last US Open was just absurd IMO (by the end of the match the only bit of the dress that didn't seem to have sweat on it was a small patch in front of her cleavage.)

Another classic, Columbo inspired?

LOL. Not to worry. My wardrobe and I are not even remotely insulted.
I agree that Serena has more fashion don'ts than do's. The black catsuit and the denim gladiator come to mind, but every once in awhile, she has something that isn't so bad.

It would be nice if someone at Nike would remind Serena and Maria that while they are both very accomplished tennis players, they really should leave the clothes designing to the experts.
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