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Noah was a beautiful server. I loved watching that guy for his athletic ability. His overhead was the best I've ever seen. He would routinely put the ball into the stands with his jumping overhead.

I saw Noah play Lendl in 1986 at the old Tournament of Champions on har tru. We all know what a great clay player Lendl was and how the clay surface slows down the serve. Well Noah was serving so powerfully that he was almost back to the stands in futilely trying to return the Noah serve.

Noah had possibly the best first serve (when he got it in) in the game at that time and there were great servers around like Boris Becker. His serve that day was incredible. He defeated Lendl in straight sets and won the tournament the next day against an over the hill Guillermo Vilas.
Yes. I was going to mention Noah in the "movement" thread but forgot. I have never seen anyone dive as gracefully as I have seen some Noah's dives. As if the 6'4 man was weightless....and indeed, his leaping overhead was magnficent. The best backpeddling overhead EVER (I would only rate Pete's foreward moving slamdunk as better).

Funny you mention Lendl...the first time I was really able to verify in my mind that Noah's flat serve was as fast as I perceived (this was of course pre-radar days) was watching an old match against Lendl. Noah seemed to have extra heat that day, and when he served his bombs, they were NOTABLY FASTER than Lendl's canonball....and that's saying something.
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