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Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
Hello, Blade. Thanks for replying, I'm not sure what you mean by "official"...there really isn't any official record...even thought that term is bandied about....even Roddick who may be declared the official record holder by the ATP, really should not be!

In any case, as I mentioned, Rusedski hit 149mph in tournament play, before Roddick, and in fact, Colin Dibley hit 148mph in 1974 in a serve competition. So I don't think Warner could be said to hold the record. Nonetheless, I have no doubt that his serve was extremely fast, and I don't doubt that he may have hit 147mph. I am certainly familiar with his name, and knew that he had been attributed as at least reaching into the 130's. I have seen a bit of footage of his serve, but not much. If you know a way, I can see more, let me know! Yes, he falls into an area of many a journeyman with all-time fast Dibley, Denton, Sadri, and others....I am particularly interested in them, since they are the players I've seen the least of!

I take it that he lives near you. If you ever have the chance, please ask him for more details about his serve! Where was the competition? What measuring device was used? Where other pro servers there? Who were the other top servers? Feel free to email me if you find out any more info!

PS. If you have the chance, also ask him about David Pate! I know they played doubles, and Pate, who was coached a bit by Gonzalez, also had a very big serve, even though he was not a big guy!
You know what, I love all of the questions that you are curious about. I am hitting with Scott tomorrow night so I'll pick his brain a bit more. I especially like the part about David Pate and his serve as I myself am not fortunate enough to be 6'6". I'll update any info he gives me. You are right about his being a journeyman of which there are MANY over the years. Certainly he is nothing special in pro terms. He is just in a pretty small group of people as far as the general tennis playing population goes. Most of us could only hope to have had the experiences that they have and to be able to play at that level.
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