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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Didn't Borg work mightily on his serve c. 1980 to restructure it and make it more powerful?

I remember reading an interview with Borg back then, in which he said he changed the position of his left foot from being placed fairly parallel to the baseline to more pointing into the court. This helped him put more of his body into it (not just his upper body).

It also seems that c. 1981 Borg developed a much more powerful game all-round, (particularly evident at that AKAI tournament in Sydney in 1982).
I know he restructured it in 1976 just before Wimbledon but I'm not sure of 1980. I know in the 1978 Wimbledon one of the commentators (a former player I believe) mentioned Borg had one of the most powerful serves.

We'll unfortunately never know about Borg and what would have happened if he continued to play in the 1980's.
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