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Originally Posted by Ron Insana View Post
I have to chime in on this one. I am about halfway through my poly journey and PLII is by far the best I have found so far. The thing that stands out most about this string is the feel. It is extremely precise, like you can feel each individual string grab the ball. The bite is as good as I have tried from any string. Just look at the board and the reviews here. How many references to “perfect” are there?Although, there is no ‘perfect’ poly, this one has got to be the best 'all-round' poly. There are plenty of niche strings that specialize in spin, control, comfort, or power. But this one does everything very well, especially for bite and feel. It is stiff, but not overly so. It has enough “body” to allow you to feel everything without being at all painful to your arm. Control wise it is only slightly below Pro Hurricane. The sound is raw, not muted like Cyberblue . My only complaint is that it's playable life is only average. I am pretty picky about my strings and I typically can only get 10 hours out of any poly string before having to cut them out. While PLII does not lose much tension, it does turn a stiff dead but still not as dead as other strings from Luxilon and Topspin. I am trying Big Ace in the morning so I will report later on how that compares to PLII.
Ever try Topspin Cyberflash or Signum Pro Poly Plasma? Two of the the most highly reviewed strings on this board, and I love both of them (but I went for the far cheaper alternative).
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