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Default Impressions of Big Ace 17g vs. PLII

Amazing how well all have different impressions of the same string. Just tried Big Ace for the first time today and for me it does not compare in any way to PLII. From all the hype on the internet, I was expecting it to be a soft, springy and 'user-friendly string but it was just the opposite. If I could use one word to describe it that word would be 'dull'. It is one of the stiffest strings out there, I'm talking ALU-like stiffness. I found no power, no feel and no bite. Spin was good but nothing to write home about. And the worst part of all is that I am starting to feel a twinge in my shoulder. I have never had arm problems with any poly other than ALU Power. I am seriously thinking about cutting these strings out right now but I will give them one more try tomorrow.
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