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Originally Posted by Spokewench View Post
Well, we are snowed in again. So far this week, we have gotten almost 3 feet of snow in 3 nights. We have been okay since it got clear during the day and gave us a chance to clear out and a chance for the snowplows to get into the neighborhoods.

Today is another story, I'm in for the day! My Subaru just doesn't have enough clearance to get out of the neighborhood and it is still snowing! They say that with this last storm, we could get 2-4 feet!

I guess I won't be getting to tennis drills tonight. I played 3 and a 1/2 hours yesterday so I guess I'm okay there. I'll ride my trainer, and shovel to get my exercise today.
where are you? don't say colorado...haha, because i was just there for some snowboarding and i'd be upset if it snowed after i left!
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