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Originally Posted by TW Staff
ELIMINATE BEST OF FIVE SET MATCHES: I believe sometime down the road (maybe not anytime soon, however) Grand Slams will have to face this issue. In today's climate of short attention spans and hundreds of choices at the click of your remote control, who but the hard-core tennis fan(atic) sits and watches an ENTIRE five set match. Come on now, as compelling as it was, who out there saw every point of the Blake-Agassi match, an instant classic?
Sorry, you're totally wrong on this subject, Mr. Evans. Have you heard of being present, in advertising terms?

Golf is staying from 11am to 19.00 on TV, and no one is complaining of short attention span there. One goes in the kitchen, goes on a walk, comes back, the golf is still there and watched. Even intermitently, that is a PRESENCE, not an ABSENCE.

Try to stay more in the general view, offer more product, not less.

Same about all changes (no ad scoring), etc, which are supposed to make the matches shorter. And that includes tie-breaks. I want to have Pasarell vs Gonzalez for two days out there, in full view of the nation. Not by running away are you going to attract attention.

BTW, it might really help to limit the size and stiffnesses of the rackets. Think baseball, the pros are still using wood, not aluminum bats. I am not suggesting wood, but I am suggesting limits which would help the S-V game and the spectacle.

Now it's too one-sided and people are turning away from tennis for this reason. Don't you people in positions of power see this?
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