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You know what, I love all of the questions that you are curious about. I am hitting with Scott tomorrow night so I'll pick his brain a bit more. I especially like the part about David Pate and his serve as I myself am not fortunate enough to be 6'6". I'll update any info he gives me. You are right about his being a journeyman of which there are MANY over the years. Certainly he is nothing special in pro terms. He is just in a pretty small group of people as far as the general tennis playing population goes. Most of us could only hope to have had the experiences that they have and to be able to play at that level.
Yes, again, if you find anything out feel free to msg me. Pate was only about 5'11, and I am often fascinated by the big little man servers, as I am not tall, but worked hard to get my serve up to 130mph at one point! eg. Olivier Delaitre, Roscoe Tanner, Ronald Agenor, Bracialli, Benjamin Becker, Thomas Johannson, Chang, Andre Illie, Johan Kriek, Alberto Mancini....and many others over the years... even players like Berasetgui and Rios could fire huge serves on occasion.

It didn't come out quite right when I said that there have been "many" Scott Warner type players...I just meant that there is a population of journeymen players, who, because of their journeyman status have been forgotten, but who, in terms of serve power, were among the elite! In that sense, he is not only among the tiny number of players who ever make money professionally, but even among them, he is in an exclusive huge serving category. So there aren't "many" of those guys...but if you know serving and tennis...there have been a bunch of these...dark horse serving stars over the years.
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