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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Didn't Borg work mightily on his serve c. 1980 to restructure it and make it more powerful?

I remember reading an interview with Borg back then, in which he said he changed the position of his left foot from being placed fairly parallel to the baseline to more pointing into the court. This helped him put more of his body into it (not just his upper body).

It also seems that c. 1981 Borg developed a much more powerful game all-round, (particularly evident at that AKAI tournament in Sydney in 1982).
Indeed. Borg has said that he opened up his stance and that it improved his serve. Vic Braden also said that he moved his toss further to the right (though Vic always says this , to get more pace.

Let me also note that, I was once at a seniors exhibition, Borg and Vilas were playing. In Borg's last service game, he decided to loosen up and go out with a bang. He fired 2 aces in a row to win the game, and they were HUGE. One up the tee from the deuce and one out wide in the ad. I have a decent eye for serve speeds, having spent a lot of time with radar guns etc...I would have estimated them at about 125mph...

Once I recall a graphic being put up at said something about the max speed of the a current player (might have been Sampras), and then (and, I'm going by memory here, maybe one of you remembers...) I believe it gave rather low numbers to Borg and Laver. (low like 100ish mph!) I remember Mcenroe balking a bit, and saying something to the effect of "well Laver wasn't too tall, but I think Borg actually did a better than that....people forget how big he could serve..."
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