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think many professional athletes are superstitious.....whats his record this year? how many sets has he lost in the french until henman? i wouldn't change anything including my paint job if i was on a roll like that..him being undersized and no weapons and all? how is he so much diff than hewett? who knows how long that might last and why wouldnt you run something like that out as long as you can? coria aint gonna be hall of fame material i dont think. i dont think prince is being sinister and setting coria up to be the flagship for the next newest frame.but i dont claim infinite wisdom. they're only graphite and resin and binders afterall..there really hasnt been anything much new since the change from wood to plastic (graphite)..or is it 62" to oversized? i'm choosing to overlook metal ..liquidmetal? bah! ncode?'s the archer not the arrows. Fed could play with anything..and so could some of the others. my .02. ed
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