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i have a question... doesn't the idea of a western grip depend entirely on your geographical location (put aside the fact that we live on a sphere for a moment)... the furstther west you go would eventually become east right? as in the far east... well where are you talking about that from? hawaii? surely hawaiians say that japan is west of them, not REALLY REALLY east. so buying a western grip seems a like a hot bed of bad black market rip offs. you could buy what you think is a western grip, but it turns out it was made in the far east or even eastern europe (not knocking the quality of products from those areas... just that they are east) then you are in fact getting an eastern western grip. be sure you know not only where it was made, but also where you are buying it from and where it was beign sold... because having one type fo grip when you htink you have another is a sure fire way to hurt yourself...

by the way, the best grips i ever bought were in amsterdam... but then i've never been to thailand

just kidding
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