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Originally Posted by papatenis View Post
What's the low down on "Northern Arizona Univ."
It's been closed for the past two days and a 1/2. I had an email from a professor friend who said yesterday there were abandoned cars all over and it was a mess trying to get around. At least he got out of his neighborhood.

We are plowed out today so we can get out finally. I will take a drive around later to see what is up. Several rlat roofs of buildings are down around town; including the skating rink (Jay Lively) Hastings, Joanne's fabrics, Caesar's pizza. Part of that strip mall roof fell last year too. Home Depot was having a problem,etc.

I'm wondering what happened with the Thursday men's NAU tennis tournament. They were supposed to play at 1:00 on Thursday and I talked to the women's coach on Wednesday afternoon and she said the incoming team was going to try and make it in for the match? Crazy! I guess I'll find out in a few days.

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