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Default Riddles Of Tennis

Here are a few questions of tennis world that i don't quite have answers for.
Any attempt at answering these riddles will be greatly appreciated.
Come on everyone, give them a shot !

riddle#1 .. Since he burst into tennis scene in 1977 and until his 6-months break away from tennis in 1986, John McEnroe truly had midas hand. His magical hand was really beyond comprehension.
But when he came back from that break, that magic hand was all but gone. And until his retirement, he never ever regained that magical hand.
Did anybody else notice that?
If so, can you offer explanation for this?

riddle#2 .. Why Jimmy Arias never had his backhand?
Steffi Graf her backhand for that matter? (she sliced backhand without exception)

riddle#3 .. What was true age of Hana Mandlikova?

riddle#4 .. Is Serena Williams the most talented player ever at creating shots that appear to have no skills in it at all?

riddle#5 .. Can we call Bjorn Borg and Chris Evert pushers?

riddle#6 .. If Pete Sampras developed really good forehand & backhand, where would he belong in tennis pedestal?

Thank you for your answers !
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