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Originally Posted by NonP View Post

And I'm leaving out these names unless one can play a convincing devil's advocate (remember, we're trying to rank the best of the best): Borg, Denton, Sadri, Lendl, Leconte, Warner, Goellner, Rafter, Dent, Federer.
Federer and borg should definitely be there . Reliable and very clutch . Two very important aspects of serving ... federer even more so since he gets more free points off his serve

Would chose these 2 over many ( if not most ) of these above servers in the list when in trouble .

goran,stich,krajicek etc aren't the most stable mental strength wise, becker's serve could be quite off at times ( though he was very clutch when it wasn't off ) ,rusedski's first serve % as has already been mentioned is an issue ....

Also include dent, brings in quite a bit of heat, his 1st serve is a monster

P.S. I think edberg is a bit high on the list !

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