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1. How do you usually promote your coaching services? (e.g., online, flyers, signs on courts, online ad, craigslist, word of mouth, ad in the newspaper)
Usually word of mouth, but did some flyers for schools during the school holidays
2. What has been an effective way to attract clients? Based on your experience, what's more effective - stuff you've done online or stuff you've done offline?
3. Do you get paid on time for your services? How do you usually collect fees from your clients?
Usually, they book and pay before hand
4. How do you communicate notices to your clients (e.g., email, phone, text message, a group page (like a facebook page)?
emails and phonecalls
5. What do you think is the area where you'd like to get some help on?
larger groups, especially with kids can be a handful!

Sorry, would go into more depth, but off to bed!
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