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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
For someone who is proud of integrity, this answer is not cutting it. If he ridiculed lower level players, go to the thread in which he did it and contradict him there. Also, no one appointed you champion of the lower level players. If you feel strongly about it (I think you don't - you just joined the lynching crowd for a few kicks), take it up in a proper manner, not by singling him in a thread in his absence.
I have not broken any rules of the forum.

If you have issues with what Jolly has posted on a public forum, maybe you need to bring it up in a proper manner. Attacking me just makes you look desperate. Put me on ignore if you have problems with what I'm saying.

No one appointed you anything, but you feel the need to come in and tell people what to do. Ahhh, the irony!

Btw, the only thing I am the truth. And backed up with...facts.

I have never lied or misrepresented myself, btw...can you say the same? Can Jolly?

Originally Posted by DNShade View Post
Funny you mentioned that. I have been thinking about just that recently and have actually been working on putting a few things together. I wanted to have some plans and options solidified before I brought it up. I want to make sure that the same thing doesn't happen this time as last. I'll let you and everyone know what I have soon and we can go from there.
Sounds good!

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
26 pages talking about, arguing and stalking one guy here. If you ask me, he has already won. Congrats man!
I was thinking about this today...he should feel honored! Too bad he won't post and give us some answers.

Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I am amazed mods allow this thread to continue.
No rules have been broken, so why delete the thread. And when they were, individual posts were deleted. Why do you have trouble understanding and accepting that?

You, of course, are welcome to post your opinion, as long as you abide by forum rules.

And, so does everyone else.
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