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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
I have not broken any rules of the forum.

If you have issues with what Jolly has posted on a public forum, maybe you need to bring it up in a proper manner. Attacking me just makes you look desperate. Put me on ignore if you have problems with what I'm saying.

No one appointed you anything, but you feel the need to come in and tell people what to do. Ahhh, the irony!

Btw, the only thing I am the truth. And backed up with...facts.

I have never lied or misrepresented myself, btw...can you say the same? Can Jolly?

Sounds good!

I was thinking about this today...he should feel honored! Too bad he won't post and give us some answers.

No rules have been broken, so why delete the thread. And when they were, individual posts were deleted. Why do you have trouble understanding and accepting that?

You, of course, are welcome to post your opinion, as long as you abide by forum rules.

And, so does everyone else.
What a pathetic justification for piling on with the mob and bad-mouthing someone. Sure hope this is not what schoolkids are learning from you. It is not about you or me, it is about your lynching of someone in his absence. Looks like you know you are wrong and now trying to justify it by bringing diversions. I have nothing against what Jolly said or didn't say - the problem is your attacking him for no reason.
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