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Originally Posted by dropshot winner View Post
You don't find it shocking that CO2 levels are 30% higher than at any time in the last 400'000 years? In 10-20 years it might be 40-50%.

And please stop writing about "scientists", give me some sources. Almost all fully support GW. I don't count FOX propoganda as scientific evidence.

It's known that the earth can absord some CO2, but not indefinately. Assume it's a bit like your bathtub, you can put a lot of water in it, but if you put 30% more in it than usuall (which I suppose is near-full) you'll likely have a problem.

BTW, I'm not expecting to convince you, most ignorant people are ignorant their whole life. Just think about this discussion when the last doubt of GW is removed (won't take more than 10-20 years).
I like your bathtub example. Our TOTAL contriution is maybe a buckets worth. Ok now if we enacted every single change from every one of your experts in every country including china/india and emerging countries in africa etc. You would be able to remove a baby droppers worth from the tub.

There's alot of other thigns that we can do that would have a much greater effect like not cutting down the rain forest.

I'm in GA and we just had some very bad floods. It had little to do with GW. It happened because we cut down all the trees so I can live in a 4000sq/ft house and there's nothing to soak up or slow down the water.

I'm not saying not to do anything I just think the GW crusaders are misinformed and misdirected.
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