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Originally Posted by dropshot winner View Post
The petitionproject is just a list of some people that don't believe in WD (some of them signed back in 98 when a lot less facts/data was available).

The list was not even checked for fake names, there are people enlisted mulitple times and fake names (like "Redwine PHD").

You can get 10 times as many signatures of people with PHD thinking that the earth is 6000 years old.

Read this and you might learn something:

Worst case scenario of GW may approach armageddon in some regions.

God must love how his earth his not only destroyed through cities, wars, pollution and deforastation, but also through GW.

You are not doing anything against it by denying the facts we have. God gave you a brain, use it, get informed by multiple independant sources instead of searching only for obscure facts that support your view.
If you really are deeply religious, you should be afraid of the consequences of chosing not to do anything against it when you had the chance to.
I find it hilarious that you use the Evangelical belief that Carbon dating is hog wash and the earth was created in 6 days and is only 6-10k years old.

Like them I don't believe the GW faithful will ever forsake their little g, god.

My information is not obscure and I have done my own research.

I'm not afraid of my God because I don't believe he is vengeful. Also, he knows my heart, and he gave me my intellect. As of today I have seen no compelling evidence that Global Warming is even real let alone seen evidence that people are contributing to a problem with "green house" type effects. So I feel no guilt. My mind is not made up. If I saw compelling evidence I would change my mind.

Evidence is not a bunch of computer models. A computer model is basically a fancy mainframe derived Excel spreadsheet. Old programming phrase is Garbage in Garbage out.

It's like the Movie Avatar. I love the Movie, it was beautiful and fun and I would pay to see it again.... but there is no Pandora.

Truth is if I believed that Human actions could make ANY effects to planetary temperature change I would support it even if the math was suspect. But when you look at the numbers objectively even if the US completely bankrupted every fortune 100 corporation it would not even be a blip on the radar. and one volcano explosion a mile under the pacific would negate anything we did times 10.
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