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Originally Posted by Tsonga#1fan View Post
Truthfully, and I'm not racist, hell, I love NFL football. But, if the Williams sisters weren't black, they wouldn't be shoved down our throats. ESPN caters to black viewers, that's where their viewership and therrefore sponsorship money comes from, with maybe exception of the red-neck, beer guzzling NASCAR fan.
Including the gross generalizations, your post is completely absurd. Black viewers make up a relatively small % of ESPN ratings. The Williams sisters garner higher ratings (for a tennis match, truth be told tennis is hardly a well watched sport in America) because they are and have been a compelling story - and happen to have brought a new level of power and athleticism to the sport.

Some of it may have to do with race, only because the Williams sisters were 'different' and came to dominate tennis. If tennis were a traditionally lilly green sport and the Williams were blue it would be a similar story.

The same would hold true for any sport where the perceived status quo is challenged and especially if it is changed: Tiger Woods and golf for example or Yao Ming in the NBA. Or if a white American came to dominate heavy weight boxing or a black American did very well in Nascar. Its just a good story of the under-dog achieving; we Americans love it.
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