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Originally Posted by tennis005 View Post
There should be a sticky for this thread.
How long strips of lead tape are recommended for adding lead at 3 and 9? 2 inches? 3 inches?
Whats a good amount of lead to start experimenting with weight there?
I'd say 3 inches and if you use the normal lead tape, 2 layers will give you six grams. That is a good starting point.

I wonder BTW what happens if you use really long strips of lead on a racquet. It is not recommended, but I was just thinking how I never got any racquet that wasn't solid stock to play really solid with lead tape. And I am talking about adding over 20 gr. in certain cases. Maybe spreading it all over the head makes the racquet more solid than what I did, which was mainly adding 3 inch layers in specific points. I had the feeling that those points were more solid, but overall the rest of the beam of the racquet kept on feeling hollow.

What does the OP think of long strips of lead tape?
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