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I am very seriously thinking of going to Saddlebrook sometime in February (an in from NYC) alone for 3 days midweek. I do not mind eating alone at a bar. It sounds like a lot of tennis (which I like) and get a massage after. I am a 4.0 player in my mid 40's

Does this sound like a good idea?

My experiences so far has been; to the tennis camp in Essex,Vermont (New England Tennis Holidays) but it was a pretty bad experience, First day was me and an older retired Dr. he was pretty good, sneaky lobber, dropshotter, so not really challenging.
the next day a husband and wife who were 2.5's and me and the Dr. all day with one pro.
the next day a few 3.5'ers showed up, a 2nd pro.. but overall not good. I understand they have another camp in New Hampshire, but after they wasted my time, I would never go near them.

This past holiday break, my wife and I went to Palm Springs. we did 2 days at Reed Anderson's (I canceled the 3rd day to go elsewhere) as it was not challenging at all. I was only on Reed's court for 1/2hr. Can't figure out why, but he was only on the beginners court, and the better players had someone else who never hit a ball. We mostly worked on hitting the inside and the outside of the ball. After he saw me hit, He tried to tell us that pro's never hit an inside out cross court forehand - I said I guess you don't watch the pro's much.

The next day I went to JW Marriot in Desert Springs. They don't have a camp, just 90 minute clinics. I took their 4.0 drill clinic and after I had an hour private with Jim Leupold. This was one of the best private I have ever had. He works Very hard on the court and has a really great attitude. I highly recommend him and can't wait to go back. He very quickly assessed my ability and helped work on my shot preparation.

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