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Default Re: Any weight lifters & runners & tennis players ou

Originally Posted by sonnylax
I'm trying to develop a training plan for the summer months which incorporates all three activities (tennis practices, tennis competition, weight lifting, and long distance running).

Tennis games on Saturday morning.
Tennis practices on Tuesday evenings.
Tennis lessons on Monday evenings.

Any thoughts on how I should incorporate weight training and running into this weekly tennis schedule? I'd like to add ~ 10 lbs of muscle and keep in decent running shape for 5 - 10 miles.
Well this is my routine:

-morrning: weight training-chest and triceps
-evening: tennis

-morning: weight training-back and biceps
-eveining: rest

-mornings: cardio training-stationary bike for 40 minutes
-evening: tennis

-morning: weight training-legs
-evening: rest

-morning: weight training-shoulders
-evening: tennis

-morning: cardio-run 1 mile
-late morning: tennis

-morning: cardio-eliptical machine for 40 minutes
-late morning- TENNIS!!!!

Note: I do stomach exercise everyday.

This routine helps me stay fit and helps me out last my tennis opponets. I'm only 5'-10" and weight 195, and my body fat is 11%.
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