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Originally Posted by mike53 View Post
Hey FullCourt, cool thread!!

What would you think is the difference (if any) in putting the same amount of lead in either:

One inch strips layered on top of each other at 10:00 and 2:00


Long strip(s) around the top of the hoop from 10:00 to 2:00 to equal the same amount of weight as the 1" strips above

I currently use weight at 10 and 2 mostly to pull the sweet spot farther toward the top so I can pound shots that make contact in the upper half of the stringbed without killing my arm.

Thanks in advance, Mike
The latter scenario has increased swingweight, increased power, increased plow through, increased spin potential, lowered stability, and drags the sweetspot farther up.

Originally Posted by Matt H. View Post
for applying lead tape under the grip in the handle, how do you apply it?

do a ring around the entire handle?

lay it down veritcally?

example: adding 4g of lead at 7" above buttcap.
I wrap it around in a ring. I try to spread it out if one ring creates too much of a noticeable bulge. It's actually surprising how much it takes to create a really noticeable one. You'll feel it slightly for sure, but it's not all that big.
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