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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
Then I guess many pros love unstable rackets and many professional customizers love creating them...

Silicone in the handle is a very frequently used method to add weight, and is done INSIDE the handle...
Yeah, this seems like a strange pronouncement considering how prevalent it is to add weight inside the handle in various ways.

Also, to report back on my experiment - adding lead to the handle by cutting .5" lead into 1/2" x 1/2" squares, stacking them and gluing the stack to the underside of the buttcap - I have not had any problem with the stack coming loose. I guess I assumed, wrongly perhaps, that swinging the frames would put pressure on the adhesive. But perhaps since there's nothing coming into contact with the stack there's no force pushing against it. So this seems like it might be a nice alternative to fishing weights, it keeps the weight right at the bottom of the handle (I prefer to place the lead at the bottom of the handle rather than 7" up), it's a very quick thing to do, and it's easily reversible and adjustable. I'm using a pretty tall stacks (20" of .5" lead, so 40 .5" squares stacked on top of one another) and they haven't budged in the half dozen outings with my new frames.
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