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Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post

I don't know the exact story behind these shoes. I did get them from TW back in 2002. I only time I ever saw this color was on Hewitt and Moya at the U.S. Open that year and I never saw them for sale anywhere else. If I remember TW had about 4 in Moya's size and 4 in Hewitt's and that was it. On the box and in the shoe it says prototype. Maybe someone from TW can give the backstory of how they got these.
Wow, great score...these are my favorite tennis shoes of all time but they have two glaring issues for me.
1) Traction, too slippery, even for hard court
2) Durability. About 1 month when I'm playing hard

Too bad your pics don't show the cool lime color. Nice find!
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