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The Question is:
square root of (x^2 + 5) = x - 5

You first Square both sides, then it comes out to be:
X^2+5 = X^2-10X+25
By Looking at both equations, you know that they're Parabolas.
Then You cancel out the X^2 by subtracting on both sides. And isolate the X.
Then it comes out to be:
10X = 20, which means X=2.
Now, take out your Graphic Calculator to see it on a graph.
Make sure it's in function mode. I have a TI-83+ calculator.
When you type it in the calulator, for the first Y= put in X^2+5, then for the next Y= put in X^2-10X+25.
Now go to Zoom Standard. Then Press Trace and plugg in 2 for X.
And click Zoom IN.
Now you can see where they intersect, X=2, Y=9.
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