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Originally Posted by Warren View Post
Hey Supine -

GREAT suggestion re the .5" squares of lead under the butt cap! I have a PSt GT and already have some lead running up the handle along the top and bottom bevels, and also some wrapped at 7". This config made my stick 5 points HL, but I wanted it tilted a little more towards the HL side. So I followed your suggestion and put in 4g's yesterday (16 squares) under the butt cap. This gave me a balance of 6.2 HL, with very little change in SW (from 327.7 to 328.0), which isn't surprising given that the weight is basically located behind the spot where my palm grips the handle. Your method worked like a charm!

I've previously tried fishing weights under the butt cap, and no matter how densely I packed them with cotton balls and gauze, they always came loose slightly and rattled over the course of time. Your solution for the .5" squares is perfect. Easily modified, no other materials to muck around with, and it seems like they will stay in place for however long you want them to with no chance of rattling because the edges are not in contact with any component of the racquet or butt cap.

Thanks for the recommendation - it is very much appreciated!
Glad it worked for you. You might want to glue the stack to the buttcap with a little super glue or epoxy just to make sure it doesn't pull away. But honestly I don't know if that's necessary because, since it's not being struck by anything when you swing and it moves exactly as the handle does without any other force acting against it, you might not need anything more than the tap adhesive. Good luck.
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