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Originally Posted by HitItHarder View Post
Last night I was moving some lead tape on two of my racquets and one strip actually pulled a pretty large paint chip off one of my frames. I was not particularly happy. Not the end of the world -- it is a tennis racquet and not a piece of art or anything -- but I want to try and avoid this in the future. Anyone have tips to help prevent this.

By the way, it was just regular old Gamma lead tape from TW. 3" strips (1/4 wide) at 10 & 2 on the inside of the frame of my MG Rad. Paint chip was probably an inch long.
There are certain lead tapes that minimize the problem (if not avoid it entirely) by using a different adhesive. I'm not fully sure what kind they are, or where to get them... Sorry.

If you do find them, feel free to share where you got them. Sorry I couldn't have been of more help though.
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