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Originally Posted by GregOz
Well, thank you very much for letting me know that the focus of the ATP is solely on America. Not every country has hundred's of choices at the click of a button and even in those other countries that have pay-tv (as we call it) available ,the number of people opting for the service is far from overwhelming. So there you go, you've got a captive audience already.
A: Well, last week in Beijing I had 75 channels to choose from and even touring the Mekong Delta this week in Vietnam I saw satellite dishes atop huts so I probably have a broader perspective than GREGOZ is willing to acknowledge. As for MARIUS, he seems to profess an expertise in both racquet technology and advertising...I have neither. I can only relate what numerous television and sports marketing people have advised. As for reining in the equipment now used out on tour, it would appear that door was left open and the proverbial horse has left the barn. I am surprised to hear that people are running away from the game because of all the "baseline bashing." Wasn't it just a few years ago that we heard it was the predominance of the serve which was killing the game?
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