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I have a Pure Storm Gt I was trying to use as platform to learn some customization.
But I have a problem.
The frame as stock is 1pt HL.
I want to make a depolarized setup. So I added weight at 3-9.
Of course now the balance shifted even more toward the head.
Now, if I want to make this setup HL following the depolarized guidelines (lead on the handle) I have to add too much lead tape.
It would be much easier to add less weight in the butt cap.
But at this point I wouldn't have a true depolarized setup, am I correct?
So what should I do?
Is the racquet intrinsically not suitable for this type of customization because of its even balance as stock?
What are the disadvantage of having lead at 3-9 and then in the butt cap?
Thank you in advance.
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