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Originally Posted by the Town Sherif View Post
ironically, i made the switch from the 4D200 16x19 to the vo2 max because I felt the vo2 was a more solid feeling racquet at contact and a more lively response from the net....the 4D200 16x19 was a bit more unforgiving for me, but if I was a better player I would definetly have chosen to keep playing with it.

it's interesting how some people find different reasons for switching's a very personal decision
I feel the 320 to be a bit hollow at impact, not nearly as noticeable as a Babolat but just enough to make me notice. I've only gotten to hit with the 4d200 16x19 three times, and the first two didnt go so well, I restrung it and the last time I enjoyed it, but if I stick with that as my sole racquet I would want to do some more tweaking with the strings. Like you I sometimes think to myself that the 4d200 is an unforgiving stick, but then when I pick the 320 up I wonder if it just a racquet that is so easy to use that I have become a bit spoiled... they are both great racquets I just feel like the Dunlop might be what I would like to move towards as I improve my skills
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