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Originally Posted by gflyer View Post
I have a Pure Storm Gt I was trying to use as platform to learn some customization.
But I have a problem.
The frame as stock is 1pt HL.
I want to make a depolarized setup. So I added weight at 3-9.
Of course now the balance shifted even more toward the head.
Now, if I want to make this setup HL following the depolarized guidelines (lead on the handle) I have to add too much lead tape.
It would be much easier to add less weight in the butt cap.
But at this point I wouldn't have a true depolarized setup, am I correct?
So what should I do?
Is the racquet intrinsically not suitable for this type of customization because of its even balance as stock?
What are the disadvantage of having lead at 3-9 and then in the butt cap?
Thank you in advance.
Well, if you have enough weight at both points, it kind of feels like a wood racket... You get that funny flexy feeling.

The disadvantage is a little less power... Not all that huge really...

What I'd do personally is to put some lead in the handle to raise the headlight balance, then work from there. So maybe you can try some lead in the buttcap and some on the handle. Your call though. Try what you think will feel better and if it doesn't work try something else.
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