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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post
Fullcourt, great thread.
Question for you:
I have 3 grams at 12 under the bumper, would you recommend counterbalancing with a leather grip or 5g at the top of the handle with synthetic grip?
Do you like leather? If you do, then go with leather. It feels better, it adds plenty of barely noticeable weight, and it looks better. Otherwise use lead. I use leather on all of my rackets, so I don't have much of a choice in the matter.

Originally Posted by dincuss View Post
So if i have a heavy racquet with a high swing weight, its SW2 (de-polarized?)

and if its a lighter racquet with a high swing weight its SW1 (polarized?)
No... A polarized racket is a racket with a relatively low static mass for it's swingweight (or you can say it the other way around) because of it's relatively polar weight distribution (majority of the weight is spread out towards the ends of the racket).

Both types of rackets can be SW2 rackets. SW1 and SW2 refer to swingweight levels, SW1 being low to moderate levels and SW2 being relatively high levels (usually it's easily at least 360).
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