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Originally Posted by CyBorg View Post
I'm not buying this at all. Laver played loaded schedules for years after 1969, constantly travelling. He couldn't spare two weeks for a major? Nah.

The psychological stuff is true, at least in part - Laver struggled big-time with his serving for quite a while in the 70s. Something that suddenly struck him, I don't know for what reason.

The stuff about him being barred from some majors is also true.
You're correct Cyborg. I will quote from Laver's book "The Education of a Tennis Player" I had no thought of another Grand Slam in 1970, simply because our pro group (Lamar Hunt's World Championship Tennis, which took over the MacCall-Podesta operation) did not enter the Australian or French Opens. The deal wasn't right.

So I would gather from this that Laver stayed true to his pro group and didn't or couldn't entered the first two majors.

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