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Laver at 32 went for the money, when he had all the titles. He played too much since 1968/69, which cost him a certain physical and more a mental freshness, to prepare properly for the Slams. Newcombe for instance, focussed for Wimbledon 1970/71 with a special 4 weeks of preparation.
Laver's 1970 Wimbledon loss to Taylor was maybe his weakest hour, he played horrible. Afterwards he was sort of relieved to finally lose at Wim, where he was unbeaten since 10 years. The expectations to always win, had got to him. Technically, his serve got weaker in the 70s resulting in double-faults, and the other guys saw more chances. After the 1971 season, he reduced hs schedule, played only a half season of tennis and skipped Wimbledon and most majors. He concentrated on tennis ranches, a new big business factor in the tennis boom years, which he run together with Emerson.
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