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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
ericson, those machine look sick! I've seen Jan's 5502 on the photo library project, and I know Richard Parnell has one as well. Lucky *******s. I wonder how many of those were made, and/or still around. Would love to get my hands on one of those.

Any chance you have the manual for either of those machines? the 5502 or 4002??

The 4002 is also impressive. I think the one pictured recently sold on auction. about $1500 if my math is correct, but I may be wrong as this seems very cheap.

what do you know about those machines? what do they do exactly, as far as the computer screen??

I don't have the manuals for these machines but i'm sure Richard or Janneman (who owns one) can help you out...

Drak, but i do have this, take a look here:

As you can see here below, the screen contains lots of information, client files, statistics, RDC input, string info, computer connections etc...

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