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Originally Posted by Richard Parnell View Post
Hi Drakulie,
I bought it in about '97 (I used it at the Marbella and Paris Bercy ATP events) because I really liked its speed, easy clamping and I was looking for a replacement for the Starring.
It is now going to be more of a liability as there is only one person at Babtec who still knows how to repair them and the spare parts will soon be tailed off. A shame as it is still the best machine I have ever used. There is a slot at the front with a chip reader so all client data is then read off the card as they bring the card and the frame in. It has an interface for connection with the RDC, so I just press a button and all the readings from the RDC go into the clients file. Theoretically the machine can be connected to Babtec by the web and the pc part repaired from there. The PC part is looking dated though but the traction head is so fast every other machine feels slow. A lot of the features were later used on the sensor.
Whenever you fancy a trip to Spain come down and say hello and the first beers on me !
Take care,
Mr. Parnell, if you came to have to replace your 5502 tomorrow, which machine(s) would you consider, and which would you choose to buy?
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