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Originally Posted by beno40 View Post
"4) Avoid international deals. Be doubly caustious if dealing with someone outside of the USA."

Just read this on your user guide to transactions I can't believe that this is particular good advice. Whats the difference sending an item to someone in the same country or to someone who isn't, no difference whatsoever!

Paypal is not only used worldwide on auction sites but also on most internet sites around the world as away of making instant and safe payments.

There are certain guide line that paypal set out to make the transaction safe and if you follow them you won't have a problem.

I have been buying and selling on auction sites for 8 years with over 1,700 transactions using only paypal to pay and receive payments, most of those transactions in many countries and not had any problems.

I don't understand why so many of you are so dismissive of overseas transactions when it is so safe and simple.

Thanks Ben
It seems clear that some of us have a problem and we stated our concerns. Easier for most of us to advoid those deals. You can do anything you feel works for you. Most of us are not looking to make money or run a business selling/buying and trading tennis gear. We choose avoid to hassles since we are trying to enjoy tennis not be stressed over it. It is clear it is not so safe and simple.

This one was really safe and simple....

rough transaction with tennispro19

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