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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Beno, this thread is for education. Some prefer not to ship overseas...they are well within their rights to do so. To state that its is just as easy and 'risk' free as shipping within the states is simply unrealistic. The shipper is always well within their rights to restrict where they are willing to ship.

Probably many here don't even know what is involved in shipping overseas...why don't you *contribute* to the thread by sharing the process and steps one would have to go through to ship a racquet from the states to a destination overseas.
People here have there own choice to make up there own minds. But I just thought the thread was very negative to overseas shipping.

I state its just as safe or unsafe to send overseas or within your own country regarding making payments because stolen credit cards and fraudulant activity happens everywhere, in your own country and overseas it happens.

I live in the UK and ship items abroad all the time to the US, Australia, Japan and across Europe and have had very little problem.

The basics are if payment received via paypal make sure your item is going to a confirmed address and send with postal tracking number which is a guarantee to paypal that you have sent it. Our Custom form here is a sticker and is very simple.
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