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Hey Fullcourt, to what extent is attempting to mix both a depolarized and polarized setup?

I'm asking this because I want my racquet to get around to my SW2 range. It's a KPro Tour (you've posted in that particular thread a couple months ago). My current setup is 8g at both 3&9 and 2g at 12. However, I still feel like the swingweight could be higher. Should I add more lead at 3&9 to further depolarize it or should I just add 2 more grams at 12? I'm afraid, though, that I might be trying to mix. =(

Either way, I don't want the racquet to be overpowered.

Thanks FullCourt, you really taught me a lot on customization.

EDIT: Well, I decided to change it to 12g at 3&9 and 4g at 12. I hope it's not too overpowering. What are your views on this?
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