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Originally Posted by calvin lai View Post
My 295VO2 had exactly the things you guys are facing....thought i'm the only one.After 8 hours on it(tin foil sound) i got mad and whack the incoming ball like crazy, and POP sound came out from nowhere!Only then i realised i had to hit the ball 1.hard enough
2.on the sweet spot
but still, dampener is advised! All in all...this samurai will be with me for a while!
strung with enduro pro 17G (50LBS)
Previously strung with Luxilon Pro 130 16G(48LBS)NOT RECOMMENDED!DEAD BED!
added 10 grams to the butt.
Will very much appreciated if anyone could recomment me some nice feel string for i'm recovering from tennis elbow!
Well my racquet's make the sound and personally I enjoy hearing it. I do not like dampeners because for me it takes the feel away.
My setup is 2 VO 2 325
17 Gage at 54 lbs Gamma natural gut
16 Gage at 54 lbs cheap natural gut from Global.
8 grams lead 7 inches from the handle, 6 grams in the head at 3 and 9, 2 grams at 12. Plays fantastic.
I like these rackets so much I bought a 315 speed flex just to try it out. I strung several tensions with Prince synthetic 17 just to get the tension right. I was looking for 53 after all the testing so I had the gut strung at 54. I am waiting on a tension meter to arrive so I can measure after 2 months of play. I was 30 years with Head and the Tecnifibres are premium for me after demoing over 25 racquet's. No arm problems and the feel of the gut is awesome. I have trouble telling the Global 16 from the Gamma 17 and the Global is only $12.00 but by now you probally have to pay a little more. Its still very inexpensive and the best string to play with. BTW at 62 I decided one of the string jobs to be polly and I ripped it out just after using it one time.
3 Matched Pure Drive 2012, SW 324, 2pts HL Nat Gut Can you say "Surgical Precision!" Eagnas 910 stringer. Wise tension head ERT 300

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