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It's always been obvious to me that the pros of Laver's day didn't have the luxury of being able to focus on preparing for the majors; they had to play wherever the money was best. Think about how long it took Laver to make his first million - and I'm sure that, at the time, he wouldn't have thought twice about sacrificing a chance at more major titles in exchange for bigger paydays. He knew what he needed to do to attain a comfortable life for him and his family, and that's what he (and lots of other guys) did. How many majors would he have won had things been different? Several, without a doubt. But I do also think that, after that second Slam, he lost the burning desire to win in those big events (or maybe it just didn't make financial sense for him to spend too much time preparing for an event that didn't pay as well as the CBS Tennis Classic or something like that). It has always amazed me, though, that, as good as he still was in the early Seventies, he didn't catch fire for a few days and win another Wimbledon or US Open.
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