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Originally Posted by adidasman View Post
Yeah, the one time I saw Nastase play was a WTT match in Fresno, CA in 1976 or something like that; he had flown in directly from Rumania, where he'd played a Davis Cup tie the day before. He played part of a set, was pretty obviously a mess, and was replaced. It was still great seeing him play, though, and he still signed autographs for starry-eyed fans like me after the match was over.
You too? I saw Nastase play here in 1977, the match was here because Chris Evert has a niece living here. He played Buch Bucholtz in singles. I would have gotten an autograph, but Nastase was so incensed after the match was over he was still ranting and raving about something leaving the building. I managed to get down on the floor and yelled "Hey, Ilie!". As if by magic, he stopped in mid-sentence, looked at me, smiled and said "Hello...." and then went right back to ranting.... That was Nastase to me...
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