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Originally Posted by i suck at tennis View Post
Levy when you tried the poly what did you use?? I've been wondering what a gut string job would play like in the 320, but just worry that it may be a bit too much power for me at my preferred tensions (usually string in the low to mid 50's with a Cyber Flash/syn gut hybrid). If I did try it I would probably start out around 56-57, but I don't think I would want to go any higher than that.
I cant remember what the poly was. The stringer for OSU does my racquet's only because he and I belong to the same club and he also does all the club racquet's. I asked him to string with the softest poly just to try it. I probably did not give it much chance it just felt too hard for me.
I tried 57 and I hated it. Buy some cheap Global and try it. I doubt you will use anything else.
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