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At which tournament did Laver beat Rosewall in the final at White City "1970 SYDNEY LAVER 3-6, 6-2, 3-6 6-2, 6-3" ?

Was this the Dunlop?

"Being an NTL player at the beginning of 1970 Rosewall didn't play the Australian Open held at the White City courts at Sydney in January because NTL boss McCall and his players thought that the prize money was too low for a Grand Slam tournament. In March, a tournament, sponsored by Dunlop, was organized at the same site, with a much denser field because of better prize-money and a better date. The same class players as in the Australian Open were present and in addition not only the NTL pros participated but even some independent pros, such as Ilie Năstase, who usually did not make the trip to Australia. Many considered this tournament as the unofficial Australian Open with Laver dominating Rosewall in five sets."
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