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Originally Posted by urban View Post
There were some reasons, why Laver lost his grip on the majors in the early 70s. After his Grand Slam, he didn't really focus on the majors, he played only 6 overall 1970 to 74, partly due to promotional troubles between ITF and WCT. Now in his thirties, he went for the money, which was now real money, and played way too much, over 100-125 singles matches from 69 to 71. Going by todays points race standards, he remained the leading player in 70 and even in 71.
For the dollar, he also played with 3 different rackets in Europe, USA and Australia. Since 1971, his back trouble begun, and since 1972 he reduced his schedule to half or 2 thirds of a season. His problems with the serve are also mentioned by Newcombe in his autobiography.
More good reasons.
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