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I don't think, that Laver was injured for RG 1971. He had back problems at the Chicago WCT event in March 1971 however, when he was rushed to a hospital with a stiff back and couldn't continue. The WCT tournament series with 20 32 men events across all surfaces, all (ecept AO)outside of the majors, was very challenging. The week after winning Rome on clay, Laver had to play Teheran on hard court, 2 weeks later Bristol on grass and so on. Laver and Rosewall skipped RG and Forest Hills in 1971 to focus on that WCT series; they had a good contract with Lamar Hunt and were glad to support this first really solid and well financed tournament series.
To the the tournament wins of Laver, Rosewall or Connors. I often pointed to the Super Nine tournaments or equivalents in the early open era. Connors did win much more than Mickey Mouse events. I must make an exact count of equivalents, based on the ITF or ATP sides, to give exact numbers, but from my memory, he must have won at least some 25 Super Nine equivalents. His wins at South African, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, Wembley, Las Vegas in the 70s and early 80s had certainly Super Nine status. Conversely he skipped not only many RG and AO, but also the Masters Cup often in his prime years in the mid 70s.
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