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Originally Posted by CyBorg View Post
I'm not buying this at all. Laver played loaded schedules for years after 1969, constantly travelling. He couldn't spare two weeks for a major? Nah.

The psychological stuff is true, at least in part - Laver struggled big-time with his serving for quite a while in the 70s. Something that suddenly struck him, I don't know for what reason.
I'm really sorry that it doesn't mesh with what you want to believe but that's just bad luck. You blokes put way too much emphasis on the whole psychology angle. That might be true for some nationalities and temperaments but when you're dealing with an Aussie like Laver it's just a waste of time.

What I wrote is based on growing up with the Lavers - Rod, Bob, Brian, Ian and - and getting the story pretty much from the horse's mouth. That's good enough for me, sorry it isn't for you.
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